GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 24

PODIUM You’ll never catch me up! Lewis congratulations. Valtteri, after the high of qualifying, a disappointing day. We heard you on the radio talking about struggling to keep the rears alive. What happened with the race balance? Talk us through that. Valtteri Bottas: Yeah, it was really a tricky race for me; struggling with the pace all through the race. I think in the first stint we found a bit of an issue with the tyre pressures and that explained the rear end struggle. But ever since that I was just rear limited and I was out of the tools on the steering wheel, so it was just oversteering all through the race, which is why the pace was slow, which is a real shame because for sure the target for was a lot, lot higher. It’s difficult to win in Formula One. You had a lot of support after that pole, especially within the team, so you’re feeling we 6WGFVBW&6VFW3d#vVf"7W&RFF0v2fW&FR&W7BvVVV@WBvFFRFV'WBFW&R0V6&RF6R