GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 174

SHANGHAI REVIEW BY BEN STEVENS The German was at his absolute best, and in the SF70H, he has a car that if not on Saturday, come Sunday is every bit the Mercedes’ equal. Outside the winner’s circle, the other big story was once again McLaren, who with Honda might have the most fruitless reunion since Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger. One engine didn’t even make it to the grid, while the other gave up after being sworn at by Fernando Alonso for 90 minutes. Forget improving on last year, they’d do well just to get back to that level the way they’re going. Also I wonder if Williams and Lance Stroll have some sort of “we take your cash, you take our points” agreement in effect, as with a third-straight DNF, he’s certainly doing them no favours in the standings. His race-ending clash with a just-pitted Carlos Sainz down into turn 1 may not have been entirely his fault, but it’s the definition of a rookie mistake, and one Williams can ill afford when Force India is right on their tail. Adding insult to injury, Felipe Massa was able to take the same car to P6 and even mix it up with a Ferrari. So much for Paddy Lowe having less headaches in his new job. Three races into the 2017 season, and the game is well-and-truly afoot. Bahrain was another exciting race where the see-saw swung back towards Ferrari, and it’s once again up to Mercedes to respond. Bring on Sochi.