GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 168

BAHRAIN REVIEW BY BEN STEVENS Saturday Day 2 in Bahrain brought more F1 goodness, and with it, another case of a pecking order that was quite literally night and day. Taking place under the afternoon sun, FP3 was a curious affair, its combination of 34-degree heat and heavy winds making it particularly precarious to navigate. Drivers and teams alike were put off by the conditions, with neither Mercedes, Ferrari nor Red Bull setting a time in the first 45 minutes, while Romain Grosjean struggled for balance and took out his frustrations on the turn 4 wall. Surprisingly, the fastest time belonged to Max Verstappen, but just as unsurprisingly, it didn’t hold up in qualifying. Moving on to the hour of power, and what an hour it ended up being for Valtteri Bottas. With Asian Jesus (a.k.a. Steve Aoki) taking a break from Easter festivities to watch from the garage, the Finn took H\Hو\\Y\][H]X [YYY\ۜHHܚ]X\B]8&\Y[XY[HZ[[\X\ۋ[]\[Z[ۈ]HZ[HYHXYHHZ\ZHۈ\[[\X^XK]\Y][Y\]8&\[X]Z[B\\]\]HXYY\ [[\\]B؈H[\K[ۙH]YX[܈]X\ۚY x&\Xۙ YYKۈH\[وHX[K\\BX^H]H\^\Y[YH\YۚYX[\\[Y[وZ\X\ۈY\[\[˜[[[XK\XۙۈۈY\Y\