GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 114

FORZA FERRARI O n his way to winning the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel found his mind wandering to next week’s first in-season Formula 1 test and how much he was looking forward to it. The four-times world champion, now seven points clear of Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton after winning two of the first three races, is enjoying his best start to a season since his dominant 2011 Red Bull campaign. That year he also won two of the first three and went on to take his second title. The German, who did not start in Bahrain a year ago in a season that Ferrari compl ]Y]]B[\][H[YHو\YBYZ[[[\[H]H]Y\Y\˂'H\[وH[[\ Y\H[\ H[[H\]ܚ\H\H[X\]\ ]\8&H\ݙH]H&KHY&][[Hܙ8'HHZY 8'x&[HX[B[Z[] H\\Y[BX\\K'B\YX\\H\ []HۛK\\و][8&\‘ܛ][H H\Y\]H\XZ[ۈۈHܛX][ۈ\]H\\\Z] ][^BݙY[][[]\Bܛ[ܚ܈H]H[[HZY\YX\\X\[Z]