GPI 2016 Japanese Grand Prix - Page 91

2016 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX EDITION SHIP TEAM-BY-TEAM REPORT CARD RARI g our starting position, being pushed back by a double penalty, we did the best we ust a shame that the traffic from backmarkers did not allow Seb to take the best out egy. CE INDIA apan feeling satisfied with our performance across the whole weekend. We ell, which allowed us to execute the optimal two-stop strategy with both cars. nd eighth was the most we could realistically hope to achieve given the reliability of the front of the field, so it’s rewarding to bring home ten important points. S he race we wanted finishing 11th again with one car and 20th with the other having enth and 10th. I think a few things happened – everyone else had a good race and finished, so nobody dropped out. We tried to take the fight to the Williams, but we age it in the end. OR e of it, not a race to particularly write home about, but we do leave the Far East with o-car finish, having maintained our position in the championship. These last three been pretty tough, but we head home from Japan looking forward to the final four he season. AREN point denying that we’re thoroughly disappointed, because we are. Having scored both cars last weekend in Malaysia, to finish 16th and 18th here in Japan is hard nkly. We’ll put this forgettable weekend behind us straight away and refocus our and ambitions on the next race. GPI