GPI 2016 Japanese Grand Prix - Page 126

FEATURE L ewis Hamilton, once the darling of British media has now attracted the full venom of their wrath in the aftermath of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend where the world champion decided to go toe-to-toe with journalists. Hamilton began the weekend by antogonising reporters of all nationalities as he turned the mandatory Thursday drivers’ press conference in to a Snapchat giggle. When his disrespectful behaviour was reported by these media outlets, he went on the offensive by cancelling scheduled media briefings at Suzuka. As a result the serious Fleet Street journals and the yellow press tabloids have ganged up on the Mercedes driver . Kevin Eason, F1 correspondent for The Times, wrote of the incident: “His overblown reaction revealed a delicate ego and a fragile mental state.” “While Hamilton donned a tin hat and dug his solitary trench after declaring war on the world’s press, Rosberg kept himself to himself as he has all season; head down and focus on his mantra, he says. And it works.” The Telegraph’s headline declared, “Hamilton hits the self-destruct button.” Their correspondent Daniel Johnson writing that Mercedes “fear their lead driver is in meltdown at one of the most critical junctures of his career” while arguing that Hamilton is cracking under pressure from his team-mate who has won four of the last five races and after Japan leads the championship by 33 points.”