GPGC Renovation Updates

GPGC 2014 Course Renovation Update Week 5 The project was slowed a little this week due to nearly 2 inches of rain on Monday evening. Work re-started on Wednesday and crews are working hard to catch up. Progress has been made on several levels as noted below and work is expanding to the north and east. Project highlights • The new pond on #7 is complete and work will be completed on the pond expansion near the 7th green by the weekend. • Storm drains throughout the south west portion of the course is nearly complete and will be in working order by the end of next week. The ponds on 7 are already beginning to hold water. • Golf course drainage on holes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 is underway. This work will be followed by spreading topsoil, cart path installation and seeding – all by the end of August if the weather cooperates. • Some additional mounding is taking place between #2 and #12. The small berm on the left of fairway (opposite the fairway bunker) is being expanded. • Dry detention areas near the 2nd and 3rd tees have been constructed and, as you will see in the pictures and videos, they work! These areas will only hold water after large rain events and then dry up shortly afterwards. • Cart paths are being excavated on holes #3, 4, 5, and 7 • The rebuilding of greens #1 and #6 is underway. Look for updates on the project as well as pictures and video clips each Friday through the end of October! If you have questions, please contact Bob Quill at