GPGC Renovation Updates

GPGC 2014 Course Renovation Update Week 14 Three more holes were completed last week: holes 10, 13, 17 and 18 are now finished. About half of hole 16 is also done. This leaves us with two and a half holes to complete! At this point, the definition of a completed hole is that the tee, green, rough and fairway have been finish-graded and seeded. The rough areas are hydro mulched and fairways are covered in a straw blanket to keep seed in place and hold warmth and moisture in place longer. With yet more rain due to begin around mid-day on the 13th and with the threat of rain high for Tuesday and Wednesday as well, we will have to see how long it takes to dry out enough to finish up the major work on holes 14, 15, and 16. • Cart path work continues throughout the course. Most of the front nine is paved and the remainder of the course is being prepared for stone base and then paving. • Once paving is complete, the contractor will restore the turf areas on either side of the path and reseed. • The last of many repairs and replacements to the irrigation system is going on this week. A fully irrigated course is critical to turf development in all areas. • A tree planting plan will be developed over the winter in order to be ready for transplanting in the spring • Preliminary work on the parking lot has begun with the contractor removing all of the old perimeter curb. • In November, the parking lot surface will be removed and replaced. Look for updates on the project as well as pictures and video clips each Friday through the end of October! If you have questions, please contact Bob Quill at