GPGC Renovation Updates

GPGC 2014 Course Renovation Update Week 3 Construction is underway at the Glenview Park Golf Club and is in full swing three weeks into the project. Work has begun throughout the course with the majority of progress being made on holes 3, 4, 5 and 7. Elsewhere, all fairways have been sprayed with round-up to kill the grass in preparation for re-seeding with a hardier, more disease and weather resistant bent grass variety. Project highlights • Detention in front of the third green has been created and the forward tee has been moved for a better shot angle. • The third fairway is being reshaped and raised considerably to allow for better drainage. • Sand traps around the third green have been reshaped • The fourth hole fairway is also being reshaped and raised. The back tee will be extended to lengthen the hole. • The fifth hole is also being raised and the tee extended. New sand bunkers are being shaped where the small mounds were (about 80 yards from the green). • The decision has been made to rebuild the sixth green to address the swale and wet conditions on this green. • Excavation of the new pond and extension of the current one on hole seven has begun! The complete renovation will include reshaping and raising portions of the fairway and major underground drainage work. Look for updates on the project as well as pictures and video clips each Friday through the end of October! If you have questions, please contact Bob Quill at