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2019 POLICY AND ADVOCACY PRIORITIES CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COLORADO Grow the Ranks of Advocates Who Speak Up for Child Health Influencing public policy takes the diverse efforts of dedicated, passionate individuals and organizations coming together to make a difference. As Colorado’s new governor and legislature begin work, and as federal changes continue to develop, 2019 will require an expanded advocacy effort to successfully craft the policies we’ve outlined above. When we all come together to send emails, make phone calls, write postcards, tweet at legislators and show up at the State Capitol to tell our stories of how real kids in our community experience these issues, we will witness our power to shape the future for Colorado’s youth. In the year ahead, our advocacy priorities will include: • Strengthen and grow the Child Health Champions network: Our grassroots advocacy network, Child Health Champions, harnesses the power of over 8,000 members across Colorado and Wyoming. In 2019, we will recruit new advocates to join the network, keep members engaged on key policy priorities and provide opportunities to be a champ for kids by influencing elected officials at key points in the policymaking process. • Train new advocates: We will host the eighth annual Speak Up for Kids Day at the Capitol, in partnership with the Colorado Children’s Campaign and Clayton Early Learning Center. Over the course of the day, Speak Up For Kids gives child health advocates an intensive, inspiring and hands-on training that connects them with their local legislators for conversations about pending kids’ health legislation. • Build capacity and awareness through advocacy opportunities: We will engage healthcare providers, pediatric residents, pediatricians across the state and Children’s Colorado team members by offering advocacy opportunities on the Anschutz Medical Campus and at the State Capitol. Sessions include education about kids’ health policy and advocacy, trainings on how to testify before the legislature and options for getting involved to influence child health policy. 12 13