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2019 POLICY AND ADVOCACY PRIORITIES CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COLORADO Advance Healthy Eating and Active Living When children have access to proper nutrition, they are better able to thrive as a result of both stronger overall health and improved mental focus in school. That’s why Children’s Hospital Colorado is committed to making sure healthy food is within reach for all Colorado kids. In 2018, we joined a coalition of anti-hunger organizations to support the state’s coverage of the cost of lunch co-pays for middle schoolers receiving reduced-price lunches through the National School Lunch Program. Last year’s successful advocacy shouldn’t stop with middler schoolers, however; all Colorado youth should be able to access nutritious school lunches. So in 2019, we will continue participating in the “lunch cabinet” coalition to expand the state’s coverage of school lunches for high schoolers as well. Children’s Colorado will work with coalition partners to advance legislation that encourages children to be physically active by boosting access to physical education and activity in schools across Colorado. Colorado kids stand to benefit through stronger bones and muscles, better mental health, lower risk of chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and obesity and more. Finally, we are also exploring policies in local communities that would make the healthy choice the easy one when it comes to beverages on kids’ menus at restaurants, and we’ll help implement the successful Healthy Food for Denver Kids 2018 ballot initiative, which seeks to improve access to healthy meals for all Denver youth. 10 11