Good to Go Media- Good Bits A Struggle for Success - Page 4

Love was what had led her to America and it was now destroying her. She thought of all the money she had spent to follow her partner to the land of dreams, all the money she had spent to support him and his family, and the shun and disdain she had received from her family when they found out her reason for migrating. Only to discover he was getting married to another woman that his family preferred over her.
She picked the phone up from the glass pieces and looked at the screen as it began to ring. Her stomach twisted in a million ways and saw that it was her father. After the third ring, she timidly pressed the answer button.
“Hello? Dad?”
“Samantha, we need to talk.”
“Dad I have something to tell you.”
“Your mother died today.”
Time stopped, and everything ceased to exist.