Good News Press September/Oct. 2015 September 2015 - Page 7

Good News Press - 7 Watch & Pray in, as we watch bible prophecy being fulfilled. God so lovingly foretold us of things to come before it happened, because God already knew the end from the beginning. Why do you think Jesus told us things that would happen before he returned? Could it be that when we saw all the crazy things in this world happen, Christians would not lose hope, and hold fast to what they believe. Could it also be that God wanted Believers to know the Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, season that they were living in. I and pray always, that ye may be believe there is a special reward accounted worthy to escape all for all those that are looking, these things that shall come to watching, and anticipating the Lord’s catching away of the pass, and to stand before the Saints in an event called the rapSon of man. ture, and also rewards for those The Bible contains detailed that share the word of God and prophecy about the future. Its this hope to others. amazing, the times that we live