"Good News" Magazine July '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 6

Summer Safety Tips (part 2) by Sherri S. Cokefair, VMD Here are more safety tips for you and your pet to enjoy a fun and safe summer together: • Party with caution. Summertime means lots of picnics and parties, with a large variety of foods. It's best to not feed your pet any people food, especially raisins, chocolate, or onions. Never give your pet alcohol! Some pets are afraid of loud noises and big crowds, so you should keep them away from fire- works and concerts. • Protect against poisons. Make sure any chemicals, fertilizers, and other poisonous substances are stored out of your pet's reach. Do not allow your pet in any areas sprayed with chemicals or insecticides. Anti- freeze is another poison to watch out for. Although it is important to keep an eye out for antifreeze year round, cars tend to overheat more and leak anti- freeze in the summer, so be careful when walking your dog or letting your cat outside. • Do not put sunscreen on your pet unless it is specifically labeled for use on animals. If your pet ingests sunscreen, it may cause serious problems, such as excessive thirst, drooling, diarrhea, severe vomiting, and lethargy. Human sunscreen may also cause skin irritation if used on your pet. • Watch pets around the garden. Many plants can cause gastrointestinal upset, which results in vom- iting and diarrhea. Some plants are even toxic, and can cause major issues, such as change in heart rate, kidney failure, or even death Do not allow your pet to eat tomatoes, potatoes, onions, chives, avocados, hot peppers, grapes, rhubarb leaves, or herbs. If your pet does ingest any of those plants, you should con- tact your veterinarian right away. Calico Creek Veterinary Clinic Dogs - Cats - Ferrets - Pocket Pets Medical• Dental •Surgical •Radiology • Now offering Acupuncture for your Pets! APPOINTMENTS & DROP-OFFS WELCOME - 570-726-3045 2967 Eagle Valley Road Route 150, Mill Hall We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit, Cash, and Personal Checks with Photo I.D. 4 Pawsitively Pets --July Around The Hydrant: News You Can Use Recalls: Truxton, Inc. - Voluntary recall of veterinary anticonvulsant, anti-seizure, and antidepressant medications containing phenobarbital and am- itriptyline, due to a label mix-up error. If you suspect you have any of this medication, dis- continue use immediately. Info: 800-257-7704. (6/20/17) Loving Pets - Voluntary recall of limited lots of pet treats, including Barksters Sweet Potato and Chicken and Brown Rice and Chicken, Puffsters Snack Chips, and Chicken and Apple Puff Treats. Possible salmonella contamination. Info: 866-599-PETS (7387). (6/15/17) United Pet Group - Recall of multiple brands of rawhide chews, including American Beef- hide, Digest-eeze, Healthy Hide Chews, and Good-n-Fun Chews, due to chemical contami- nation. Info: 1-855-215-4962. (6/11/17) Small Batch Dog and Cat Food - Voluntary recall of two lots of frozen chicken blend, packaged in 2 pound bags, due to potential salmonella contamination. Info: 888-507-2712. (5/5/17) Party Animal - Recalling two varieties of its Cocolicious canned dog foods - Beef and Turkey and Chicken and Beef. Pentobarbital (euthanasia drug) contamination. Info: 855- 727-8926. (4/17/17) Blue Buffalo - Voluntary withdrawal of 17 of its Blue Divin RFVƖvG2B&VRvFW&W70G&G&2GVRFVƗGbf6V2F`FR7W2fsrӃss3c22"r&VR'Vff*fVF'&V6bRB`&VRvFW&W72&6VF&V6R&V@VBFW"vWBfBf"GVBFw2*2Ч6&RVWfFVBWfV2b&VVbF&B&W2खf*Ӄcb#ӓs"2#2r6W&6SFvfFGf6"6f&