"Good News" Magazine July '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 15

ADOPTION: A LOVING OPTION Clinton County SPCA Mill Hall Road, Dunnstown • 570-748-4756 www.clintoncountyspca.org Smokey: Sponsored by : Smokey is a 3 year old neutered male. He’s been microchipped, and tested negative for both FIV and FeLV. Smokey is updated with all of his vaccines. Please stop by and visit this guy today - he's waiting to find his fur-ever home! Condo’s, Inc. • Metal Fabrication • Welding • Corporate Piping and Tank Hook-Up • Radiator Repair • State Inspection Terry Condo 131 DRAKETOWN ROAD MILL HALL 570-748-9265 Serving the Community for over 40 years! Lycoming County SPCA 2805 Reach Road, Williamsport • 570-322-4646 www.lycomingspca.org • lycospca@lycomingspca.org Oscar: A staff favorite, he is quite the ham! Oscar is a happy-go-lucky pup who deserves the best. He came from a hoarding situation, where he didn't get much attention and had to compete for basic resources, so he might need some basic obedience training. With his eagerness to please and pleasant attitude toward life, he will pick up cues quickly. As far as strangers go, Oscar has never met one. He is very willing to go up to new people and seek affection. What a sweetie! Could you be the one to make his days great? Tumbler: A very independent fellow, Tumbler is very picky about his handling. He likes to be handled when he wants to, not on your timetable. He needs a cat-experienced home with no small children. Playful but lazy, he was abandoned by his owner and would love a home where he can just be a cat and do his thing. Mya: Mya is a happy girl, and is waiting for her forever home. She was micro- chipped, tested negative for Heartworm and Lyme, and is now updated on all her vaccines. Mya is ready to find a loving family to call her own so stop by today! Mya must be the only animal in the household. Brutus: This big black lab is Bru- tus. He came to us earlier this year, because his owner had some medical issues and was no longer able to care for him. He is a 13 year old neutered male. He is up-to-date on all vaccinations, and is r֖7&6VBWfVFVvR22V'2BR7F27&r27FWB0R66VRg&FR7GW&RRƖW2F66RvFFR&7F'B6VR''WGW2FFFF2"V"B267vVWB6RRvWG0FrR'WB6&RƗGFRFW6BЦ&RBf'7BRvG2G2bGFVFvƷ2w&VBV6fW2'VpB66rFV2&2B2FP7WFW7B&V6RvV^( 2'VrP6ƖW2F6Rf"7GW&W2vW"Ч7W'&VFW&VB'FRǒf֖ǒRWfW WrB6VBFRƗGFRvRFG'W7B76&VB'Ĕ$U%E$4ƖF&W SssS2S#( vW&RW7FW&F( 2&0&RFF( 2G&V7W&W2( ФƖ&W'G&6667BW@wwrFVƖ&W'G&66РW'3FW'6Fbg&Fb6GW&F2"'Bࠐw6FfVǒWG2Vǐ