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Breed All About It! Spotlight on: The Welsh Corgi Description: Corgis come in two varieties - Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh. Both breeds have similar intelligence, herding abilities, and physical characteristics, but the Car- digan is slightly larger and heavier. People also tend to dock Pembrokes' tails, while Car- digans' tails remain long. Pembrokes are the smallest of th e AKC's Herding Group. Corgis' coats come in red, sable, fawn, or tri-colored (red, black, and tan). Temperament: Corgis are good family dogs, happy, playful, and intelligent, but they are often independent and stubborn, too. Bold and tenacious, they have a strong herding instinct, and are sometimes guilty of nipping at the heels of small children as they play. They are easy to train, but don't expect your Corgi to be subservient.They like to think for themselves. Corgis make good watchdogs.They can be suspicious of strangers, and are quick to be protective of their owners if they feel that something or someone is threatening their home and family.This breed can be very vocal, and are known to bark at anything and everything! Average Height/ Weight: Corgis are approximately 10 inches to 12 inches tall, and weigh between 22 - 31 pounds. Health Issues: Corgis can be prone to intervertebral disc disease and canine hip dysplasia, as well as epilepsy and degenerative myelopathy. Life Expectancy: 12 -14 years. Exercise: Corgis have a lot of energy and need a good amount of exercise on a daily basis, especially since they have a tendency to overeat. Grooming: Corgis are easy to groom.They only shed heavily twice a year, and their medium-length coat only requires a weekly brushing. Be careful not to over-bathe, as that can cause the oils in their hair to break down.They typically only need a bath every 3 or 4 months. Corgis' ears, however, should be checked on a regular basis for wax buildup, irritation, or infection. Source:dogtime.com K olbrooks V eterinary C linic N. LEE KOLOS, V.M.D 1756 Nittany Valley Drive • Bellefonte Phone: (814) 383-4415 Fax: (814) 383-2002 Email: Dr.LeeVMD@aol.com Pawsitively Pets -- July 11