"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 8

School News JERSEY SHORE AREA JERSEY SHORE GRADS MAKE SPECIAL TRIP On May 30th, the Jersey Shore Area School District's Senior Class of 2017 visited their former elemen- tary and middle schools. They were cheered on by the students in these schools, as they celebrated and looked forward to Graduation on June 10th. Thanks to Mardens Inc. for providing the buses for this memorable event. MIDDLE SCHOOL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY The Jersey Shore Area Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society inducted twenty-five seventh graders and eleven eig Fw&FW'2VRWFFRF"66WG2FW&F&v旦FfVFVBfW""VƗFW36&7FW"6W'f6R66'6BVBЦW'6FW6RWrV&W'2WVƖgFW6R"VƗFW3FWW6V&F6FRBWG6FRbFR677&FRwFw&FR2GV7FVW2&Sw&6R&vW'26f'&''ƒ''Vv&B'&6fW"6"6&VƗW2VGv&BFW"ƖǒF6W"FVǖvW'7BFWvW"F6֖FFƖRW2FVǖVG&626FVW726VffV&W"6W'FWVV֖ǒV6vR֖W"6&֗7VGF6&V66FV&W"VƗ&WF66W6FR'&ЦF6&FBGW7F7FWGVFRFw&FR2GV7FVW2&S&&VfVFW"6W'6VR4FVv&V֖&WG26"6Ɩ6"VR7&vF6vF vF2'&FVvV'Bvb( vBWw>( Vǒwwr&V&6VG'vFWw26