"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 7

SCHOOL NEWS Three Central Mountain football players found a way to fulfill an obligation of theirs, give back to the com- munity, and have a good time, all at once. Recently, Matthew Probst, Gage Rafter, and Cameron Ishler carried out their senior project when they conducted a youth football camp. The camp outlined a variety of aspects of football for local youngsters, ranging from second through sixth grade. Each child attended stations outlining differing components of football, from the basics of playing offense to many of the core techniques of operating on the defensive side of the ball. The three-man organizing committee also placed emphasis on an aspect of football gaining increasing attention in recent years: safety. Every camper was shown the appropriate manner with which to protect both themselves and their teammates while still playing the game. At the end of each day, campers participated in obstacle courses, and competed in games of touch football. On the final day of the camp, the organizers put together a pizza party and provided Gatorade to the campers. The party was designed as a treat to the approximately 50 students who walked away a little more educated about the rules and move- ments that come with the game of football. The camp as a whole was an undertaking that went far beyond just Probst, Rafter, and Ishler. Generosity and thoughtfulness from a host of local businesses made the camp-ending pizza party possible. Those acts of kindness also enabled the organizers to present t-shirts to each of the camp- ers at the conclusion of their camp experience. In addition to local businesses, a bevy of other parties made a meaningful impact. Parents, Central Mountain football coaches, and other Central Mountain football players all played a role in Probst, Rafter, and Ishler being able to successfully complete their senior project, while granting area youth a unique athletic experience. PLEASE PATRONIZE THIS FINE LOCAL SPONSOR OF CENTRAL MOUNTAIN SCHOOL NEWS: WILLIAM R. FORSE, OD Family Eye Care • Complete & Comprehensive Eye Exams • Pediatric Vision Analysis • Glaucoma, Cataract, and Retinal Screening • Wide Selection of Fashion Eyewear • Contact Lenses • Consultant for Lasik Surgery Phone: 570-769-2877 Fax: 570-769-2879 B ald E agle C ourt , M c E lhattan Hours: Monday 3-7, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesday 9-1, Thursday 9-5, and Friday 9-2. www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- July -- 5