"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 39

Can We Join Your Family? Children Waiting For A Home... SIX SIBLINGS IN SEARCH OF A FOREVER HOME B reanna K erianne Breanna, 14, loves art, especially drawing, and dancing. In the eighth grade, she loves going to school and learning new things. Her older sister, Kerianne, 15, describes herself as “a talented singer and very unique.” A ninth grader, she does well academical- ly, and is proud of being on the Honor Roll. She is looking forward to becoming involved in the school’s performing arts programs. Ke- rianne enjoys spending time talking and taking part in activities with her friends. Reading is a favorite pastime for her, and she also enjoys writing her own stories. Kevin, 12, doesn’t want to let anything defeat him. He is excited about his future. Kevin loves playing the trombone, and is very good at it. According to various sources, he has the potential to go some- where with his music. He hopes to play through high school and college. In the sixth grade, he is consistently on the Honor Roll. Hannah is an adorable 8 year old who loves to give hugs, and can al- ways make you smile. Hannah is eager to talk to others, and to share details about her day with them. Orange is her favorite color. K evin H annah Although Ella and Michael are twins, the 11 year olds both have a strong sense of self. Ella is a perfectionist. In the fifth grade, she is consistently on the Honor Roll. She is very proud of being cho- sen as Class President. In addition, she plays the clarinet, and is a Girl Scout. While Ella is very sociable, Michael can be a bit shy at times. He describes himself as a “brave person,” like the superhe- roes he loves. He spends many happy hours playing with his action figures. Like his sister, Michael plays an instrument—the trumpet. E lla M ichael There are 104,000 children nationwide waiting to be adopted. These are not the healthy infants usually associated with adoption. They are older; some have physical, emotional or mental challenges. Others are brothers and sisters who need to be placed together. More than half of the children are from minority cultures. They all need the love and security that only a permanent family can provide. These are the children for whom the National Adoption Center works. For more info, contact Anna Coleman at the National Adoption Center. Email: acoleman@adopt.org or call 267-443-1867. National Adoption Center • 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 701 • Philadelphia, PA 19102 1-800-TO-ADOPT www.adopt.org The National Adoption Center is a private, non-profit organization that expands adoption opportunities for children throughout the United States, particularly for children with special needs and those from minority cultures. Please patronize these fine sponsors of “Can We Join Your Family:” WHERE THE PROFESSIONALS SHOP! ☑ Paint and Paint Matching ☑ Plumbing and Electrical Supplies ☑ Lawn & Garden ☑ Construction Materials ☑ Complete Lumber Yard An Ace Hardware Store - with this area's friendliest and most knowledgable staff! SPECIAL ORDERS: Order on acehardware.com, and pick up in store! NO shipping cost! 3265 WOODWARD AVENUE, AVIS • (570) 753-5332 • OPEN WEEKDAYS 7 'TIL 5, AND SATURDAY 8 'TIL 3. www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- July -- 37