"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 38

F UN C RAFT I DEA Kids Corner -- WATER BOTTLE WIND SPIRALS pages 38 to 41 Enter to Win a Melissa & Doug - Sand Art Pendants Craft Kit f rom “Good News” Magazine! Just fill in the entry form be low and mail to: “GOOD NEWS” P.O. Box 999 • McElhattan, PA 17748 Must receive entries by 7/22/17 Name: ___________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ A great selection of Melissa & Doug items are available at The Bus Stops Here in Lock Haven. * BELLE MARKET O wner : S am S toltzfus D iscount G rocery O utlet 275 Main Street, Beech Creek Phone: 570-927-0124 • BULK FOODS • HOME CANNED GOODS • JF MARTIN MEATS -- DELI SPECIALS EVERY WEEK -- We accept all credit cards and EBT cards. Store Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. YOU WILL NEED: □ Several plastic water bottles □ Permanent markers in various colors □ Scissors □ Hairdryer (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Remove the lids and labels from your bottles and give them a quick wash. Make sure bottles are thoroughly dry on the outside. You can remove the moisture from the inside of the bottles by stuffing a paper towel into each bottle, and keeping hold of one end of the paper towel, giving the bottle a good shake - then, gently pull the paper towel out. To dry any remaining beads of water, you can blast the bottles with warm air from a hairdryer. Be careful not to hold the hairdryer too close to the plastic, because the plastic may warp or melt. 2. Once the bottles are dry, your little ones can color them! Permanent markers are a must for this step. Wash- able ink will not adhere to the plastic. Use a variety of colors on each bottle. Be creative - make vertical stripes on some and horizontal stripes on others.  It's really up to you. Just make sure the bottle is covered in color from top to bottom. 3. With your coloring complete, it’s time to turn your bot- tles into spirals. With your scissors, remove the flat bot- tom of the bottle and discard. Starting at the cut edge, snip around and around, from the bottom of the bottle to the top, to create a spiral. Stop cutting when you get to the smooth, rounded “shoulders” of the bottle. 4. When all of your spirals have been cut, head out to the yard and find a slender tree branch to hang them from. Slide the neck of the bottles onto the branch, and nest the bottle tops together by tucking each one into the one before it. 5. Stand back, and watch your colorful wind spirals bounce and dance in the breeze. Source:www.pinterest.com. Available H \NHTTB]Y]Yۛ[H]YY[[[[^K Ǩ L [[Y\XX] [\ \\ L[H[]]܋][[ۋ[Y[\\]]\H[HB[H\Έ[ۙ^KY\^K\^K[Y^H LYBH K[\”]\^H L L˂ۈYH YY\^H [^KLMHPTPRSQU US8( M M L ̌H˝KX\\Z\KB͈8']'H KH[H KH˘X\[Y]˘