"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 28

Smart Tip n s ely Insa Clever Ideas! Make your own stud finder: Use a magnet to find nails and studs in your wall. Cook mass amounts of corn to feed the crowd all at once: Dump raw corn (shucked and cleaned) into a chest freezer (not styrofoam). Add boiling water, close the lid, and wait at least 30 minutes. Corn will cook perfectly, and stay warm for hours. Use white bread as a glass magnet: The next time a tum- ber takes a tumble, sponge up the shards with a slice of bread. Even tiny slivers will cling to it. Quick and clean method for separating yolks and whites: Gently crack an egg over a slotted spoon set atop a bowl and voila - easy egg separation! Source: pinterest.com. PDC Spas NO W AVAIL AB LE! -- JUMP INTO POOL FUN -- Green Egg and All Accessories NOW AVAIL ABLE! 151 Hogan Boulevard, Mill Hall • 570-748-3660 TWO S: ON TI LOCA 1131 West Fourth Street, Lewistown • 717-248-4449 26 “Good News” -- July -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com