"Good News" Magazine July '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 10

l Schoo s New BUCKTAIL AREA BUCKTAIL SHINES SPOTLIGHT ON CLASS OF 2017 For 29 young men and women, Thursday, June 8th, became a landmark date as they celebrated the progression to the next step in their lives.   On June 8th, Bucktail Area High School conducted their 49th iteration of com- mencement ceremonies. Commencement festivities took place at Dwyer Memorial Field. As is the case at any commencement, the day featured a number of previously chosen speakers sharing memories of their time together within the Bucktail stratosphere, a time that stretched all the way back as much as 13 years for some in attendance. Those in attendance for the special event included a wide array of people who had supported the 29 graduating seniors through the nearly two-decade journey leading up to Commencement. That included friends, siblings, parents, other relatives, educators and, of course, administrators. Class President Hailey Risley kicked off the affair by expressing appreciation to everyone who had made the effort to attend. She looked forward, while considering reflectively that all of the com- mon experiences she and her classmates had together made that look to the future just a bit painful, knowing what they were all leaving behind. Valedictorian Hannah Bowes was another one of the students to take her place at the podium. She offered gratitude to her parents for their guidance and wisdom, and she volunteered fond recollec- tions of hers about the group of graduating seniors. Salutatorian Emalea Mills made sure her classmates took a moment to soak in the sense of joy and achievements of what was hap