"Good News" Magazine May PP issue to publish online - Page 10

Cute & Crazy Critters "Hi. My name is Leia. I am a pom-husky mix. I like to chase my tail and hop like a bunny when I'm excited, and am very cuddly when I'm tired. I have my entire family wrapped around my paw!" L oretta’s S crubs & C uts 225 Park Avenue, Woolrich DOG & CAT GROOMING Leia's proud parents are Karen and Nick Andrus of Lock Haven. Congratulations to this month’s winner of $15 Worth of Instant PA Lottery Tickets! Send us a cute and/or crazy photo of your critter: Good News • P.O. Box 999 • McElhattan, PA 17748, or email to: goodnews.pawspet@gmail.com. Make your appointment today - call 570-377-0475. Gift Certificat \˜]Z[XHBX\HY\[[KK ۙH\KKP•x&]H[ݙYB HQQU SRSӂM M M ]]][H] KHX^BUUQS•SQHB[YZ^\[KM\KY\H\H[Y\^\˂HXZ܈[\[\X\Y ˜YY Bۙ\ܙ]H\‘[XZ[ܙ]X[[\XZ[