"Good News" Magazine Sept. '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 6

Pet Obesity by Sherri S. Cokefair, VMD We love our pets, and we want them to be happy and healthy. That's why it's so important to watch their weight. Studies continue to prove that keeping cats and dogs at a healthy weight makes a big difference over their lifetime. Pet obesity can lead to many health risks for both dogs and cats. Purina conducted a long study which discov- ered dogs that are kept at an ideal body weight live almost 2 years longer than overweight dogs. Dogs that are overweight will also age faster. Lean-fed dogs have healthier blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and healthier heart rates. Overweight dogs can develop chronic conditions such as arthritis, an average of 3 years earlier than lean-fed dogs.  Cats that are overweight and obese are more likely to develop serious health conditions. They are more likely to develop diabetes, arthritis, and also more likely to suffer from skin dis- eases, liver disease and are at a higher risk for urinary tract infections.  There are many ways you can help your pets maintain a healthy weight. The most import- ant thing you can do is to not allow free choice feeding. Be sure to measure each serving for your pet. You should also limit the amount of treats you give to your pet. You can also prevent obesity by increas rW"WBw2WW&66RB2ЧFfG*bFWBBWW&66RRFBVW WBR6vWB&W67&FFWBfG2g&ЧW"fWFW&&*6Ɩ67&VVfWFW&'6Ɩ0Fw26G2fW'&WG26WBWG0VF6( "FVF( %7W&v6( %&Fw( "rffW&r7WV7GW&Rf"W"WG2DTE2bE$de0tT4RSss#b3CP#crVvRfW&@&WFRS֖vR66WBf67FW$6&BF66fW"FV&B66BW'66V62vFFB@w6FfVǒWG26WFV&W &VBFRG&CWw2R6W6P&V63VFVBWBw&WWFVB&V6b&rЦFRFr6Ww2F6VFR&fFR&V'&G2GVRF6V֖66F֖FFFVB'&G0&R6FVFWw2VFVBW76VFWfW'FFVFW&6&R6Ww2v@fr6VG'f&RWF6B&&GखfӃSR#RCc"brG'WF2fVF'&V6bfWFW&'F6gV6BF6VW&RBFFW&W76@VF6F26FrV&&&FBЦG&GƖRGVRF&V֗WW'&"bP7W7V7BRfRbF2VF6FF2Ц6FVRW6RVFFVǒf#SrssBࢃb#rfrWG2fVF'&V6bƖ֗FVBG0bWBG&VG26VFr&&7FW'27vVWBFFB66VB'&v&6RB66VVfg7FW'26662B66VBPVfbG&VG276&R6V6F֖FखfcbSUE2s3rbRrVFVBWBw&W&V6bVFR'&G0b&vFR6Ww26VFrW&6&VVbЦFRFvW7BVWRVFFR6Ww2@vBgV6Ww2GVRF6V֖66F֒ЦFfӃSR#RCc"br6&F6FrB6BfBfVF'&V6bGvG2bg&V66V&VBGVPFFVF6V6F֖Ff󠣃Sr#s"RRr'G&V6ƖrGvf&WFW2`G266Ɩ6W26VBFrfG2&VVb@GW&WB66VB&VVbVF&&&FWWF6G'Vr6F֖FfSRУs#rӃ#bBrr&VR'Vff*fVF'&V6bRB`&VRvFW&W72&6VF&V6R&V@VBFW"vWBfBf"GVBFw2*2Ч6&RVWfFVBWfV2b&VVbF&B&W2खf*Ӄcb#ӓs"2#2r6W&6SFvfFGf6"6f&p