"Good News" Magazine Sept. '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 55

We’re looking for the perfect caption for this great shot! Send a caption to us (keep it clean, please!) and win a free large cheese pizza from Pizza City in Lock Haven! S end your responses to : “Good News” • P.O. Box 99 • Avis, PA 17721 Entries must be received by September 21, 2017 by 2pm. MY CAPTION CONTEST ENTRY IS... “____________________________________________________” Submitted by __________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Phone: __________________ “CRUISE LINES” C lue S earch P uzzle U se A nswers for word search on page 55. The __ area may have waterslides, hot tubs, and maybe fountains An ocean __ takes passengers from port to port Cruise ships tend to do __ trips, starting and ending in the same city Ships that sail near __ can see whales and icebergs Many ships have formal and casual dining rooms, as well as __-style Cruise with Mickey and Minnie on the __ Cruise Line Cruise ships are basically floating __ Cruise ships are known for __ rather than speed Cozumel, __ is one of the top ports of call __ in the Bahamas is a popular port of call __ are usually only open when the ship is in international waters The __ center is available for working out Norwegian Cruise Line is based out of this US state Carnival Corp. owns both Carnival Cruise Line & __ American Line __ are for hanging out and visiting with people, or watching TV Some rooms may come with a private __ to enjoy the ocean view Live music and __-style shows are standard entertainment The __ __ was a TV series from 1977 to 1987 about a cruise ship Spas are available for __ and facials The Royal __ Cruise line has over 20 ships in its fleet Forgot a book? Many ships have __ available for bookworms The Mauretania, __ and Queen Mary were part of the Cunard Line The Titanic was designed as a transatlantic __ sh FRƖR'VBB6VBFRFF2ǖ2B'&F06R62fRVFRf"WfVrVFW'FVBBF6p27FW&VG6vRF7'V6R6FV62"'B6GFR6WF67BbVv@FR6&&&VB6V2&RFRGv7BV"7'V6R6F0wwr&V&6VG'vFWw26( vBWw>( 6WFV&W"S0