"Good News" Magazine Sept. '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 47

DID YOU KNOW? Chiropractic care is not only for people with pain. Chiropractic care is about total body health and wellness. Every part of your body is controlled by nerves connected to your spine. Chiropractic care removes pressure on the nervous system that is caused when your spine isn't aligned; this allows your body to function properly. Make sure to include chiropractic care in your life for optimal health and wellness.  C all A dvanced F amily C hiropractic today ! Curves works ADVANCED FAMILY to build strength, Curves works manage CHIROPRACTIC pain, Dr. Leah M. Charney, D.C. to build strength, PHONE: † 570-726-2000 and control weight, Dr. David J. Charney, D.C. manage pain, 3076 EAGLE VALLEY ROAD, MILL HALL all while improving † and control weight, We care for your health naturally! www.advancedfamilychiropractic.net your health. all while improving Curves works your strength, health. to build manage pain, and control weight, † all while improving your health. Locally Owned and Operated! Join during our annual Join open house during our annual open house * get your first month free * & get your first month & free Join during our annual open house & get your first month free * 1136 Eagle Valley Road 570-726-4000 1136 Eagle Valley Road 1136 Mill Hall, PA Road 17751 Eagle Valley 3146 EAGLE VALLEY ROAD Mill Hall, PA 17751 Mill Hall, PA 17751 570-726-4000 MILL 570-726-4000 HALL 570-726-4000 25 years ago, Curves introduced 30 minute strength training to 25 women worldwide. We've helped millions of women build years ago, Curves introduced 30-minute strength training healthier futures. Now, it's We’ve your helped turn to get Curves Strong today! to women worldwide. millions of women build It's Our 25th Birthday! HURRY! healthier futures. Now it’s your turn to get Curves Strong today. † http://health.gov/paguidelines/guidelines/chapter2.aspx † http://health.gov/paguidelines/guidelines/chapter2.aspx *Enrollment fee required. Enrollment fee and monthly fees vary *Joining fee Offer waived for first 25 members at joining during by location. is valid 9/12/16 - 9/24/16 who and join requires each location starting Monthly membership fees monthly Open House for a 8/28/17. minimum 12-month recurring billing contract. fees vary *Enrollment fee required. Enrollment fee and Valid and for new Curves members Not on valid with any other offer required vary by location. Offer only. based enrollment by location. Offer 9/12/16 - 9/24/16 and joining dur or discount. Valid 2BfƖ@'F6Fp6F0ǒ&WV&W066fVR( FRf'7B#RWpV&W'0BWfW'6V GGVFvbwVFVƖW2wVFVƖW26FW#"7Ff""F&V7W'&r&ƖrfFW72V&W'6गN( 2W"#Rd &'FFU%%e$TRVW6Rf"֖V"F&V7W'&r&Ɩr6G&7@fƖ@B'F6Fp6F2DU$D6B&R6&VB2*#b5U%dU0fƖ@f"FW Wp7W'fW0V&W'0ǒ@fƖBvFFW"ffPvF琦ffW"fVW066fVRW&W0#rrࢤV&VBfVR&WV&VBV&VBfVR@Fǐf' F66VBfƖ@@'F6Fp6F0ǒ66fVPvFVV&W'6*#r7W'fW0FW&F2'6FffW"2fƖB"b#BbB&WV&W0pGW&pFPVW6Rf"@֖VУ"F&V7W'&r&Ɩp*#b6G&7B5U%dU2DU$D2f'7B#RWrV&W'0WfW'6V f"wwr&V&6VG'vFWw26Фe$TRfƖBf"Wr7W'fW2V&W'2ǒB( v@fƖBvFFW ffW Ww>( Т6WFV&W "F66VBfƖBB'F6Fr6F2ǒ66fVRvFVV&W'6*#b5U%dU2DU$D22ŒrRBBR"BR@3CbVvRfW&B֖ssSSss#bCCP