"Good News" Magazine Sept. '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 40

Media/Music/Events -- pages 38 to 43 DR. DAVE’S Top DVD’s 1) GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY PART 2 If not as fresh and original as the first install- ment, this sequel still has sass and flash. Our new comic book family is still going through the getting-to-know-you stage as they travel to the outer reaches of the cosmos. Although it some- times feels like an overlong therapy session, the exciting conclusion sets us up for Part 3. Buy it! 2) ALIEN: COVENANT Very bloody, somewhat entertaining, but still the same story we have seen since the original Alien in 1979. If what you're looking for is a re- run, enjoy. But something original? Nope. Rent it, if you must... 3) BETTING ON ZERO With Hollywood only offering the same old, same old (see above), I find myself drawn to real life documentaries like this one - the gripping story of how a hedge fund manager is trying to expose Herbalife as a Bernie Mad- off-like pyramid scheme. I've known people who have invested a lot of cash into that com- pany, and none of them ever found the wealth they dreamed of. It's this months' sleeper - and here's hoping Betting On Zero opens your eyes to this scam...Rent it! 4) KILL SWITCH Descriptive title: what anyone who invested cash into this trash should have hit when they saw the first previews...Avoid it! 5) UNLEASHED An unlikely romantic comedy that you will love, featuring unknown actors that will soon be stars. The plot? Imagine you own pets who one day become human...I will say no more. Buy it! for being a part of BEAR BASH 24 It was great to see you at our 24 th Annual Listener Appreciation Party! A great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful talent who participated: Mo Nelson Band...Biscuit Jam... Scott Bird Band...Ridin’ Shotgun...Clark McLane Band... Sue Bloom Acoustic Trio... and Fred & Cindy of Americana Media Productions. WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT! SPECIAL THANKS TO THE LOCK HAVEN JAYCEES, AND OUR BEAR BASH 24 SPONSORS: Bonner Sports & RV in Jersey Shore... P.A.M.P. Printing in Lock Haven... Pizza City in Lock Haven...Any Event in Williamsport -- and last, but not least, OUR BEAR FRIENDS & STAFF! 38 “Good News” -- September -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com