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Ask Greta Dear Greta, I have been married for eight years, and recently I noticed my husband has been very unhappy and moody. He claims he's not happy at work anymore and that he wants to look for something different to do. Personally, I believe that a certain amount of boredom with a job sets in no matter what you're doing. I can't understand why he doesn't see that. He's got so much time invested in this career, I can't see why he has to go looking for something else. There's also the matter of his pension and medical benefits to consider. He could lose everything if he resigns, and that scares me. Another factor to consider is the economy. I know for a fact that there are very few opportunities in my area out there right now. What if he quits his job, then can't find another one, or only one with little or no benefits? I can't understand taking this risk, because he's a little bored. How do I get him to stick with his present job? - Scared Dear Scared, You've made some very good points. Make the same points to him, but tell him you understand how he feels. Ask him to stick it out until there are real opportunities for good jobs and benefits. A little time may give him a different perspective and he may decide not to switch jobs after all. Good luck! Mail your questions to Greta at: “Good News” P.O. Box 999, McElhattan, PA 17748, or email them to: goodnews@kcnet.org. “JOBS!” Clue Search Puzzle Answers from page 61. WorkingForALiving FINAL ANSWER: CLUE SEARCH PUZZLE “JOBS!” use answers from page 61! Thought For The Day "Don't count the moments. Make the moments count." - Muhammed Ali Thanks for reading “Good News” Magazine! Please flip over to enjoy our other publication, Pawsitively Pets! www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- May -- 63