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WIN THREE $5 INSTANT PA LOTTERY TICKETS FROM "GOOD NEWS" MAGAZINE! Just fill in the entry form below and mail to: “GOOD NEWS” P.O. Box 999 • McElhattan, PA 17748 Must receive entries by 2pm on 5/22/17. Name: ___________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ Email: ___________________________________ B rain B ashers Sudoku ANSWERS from page 40 © Kevin Stone / www.brainbashers.com BATTLE OF THE SEXES Dear Battle of the Sexes: I am sick and tired of dealing with men's egos! They say women are vain...what a bunch of garbage. The men in my office are so competitive with each other - it's sickening! Who has a better suit, who has more hair, who drives a faster car, etc. Do they think this behavior is appealing? The women I work with just laugh behind their backs. The men we do think are attractive are the ones who are secure enough within themselves that they don't have to compete with any- one else. The rest should just wise up, but they won't, so we'll continue to ignore them as best we can. - Name Withheld, Williamsport Dear Battle of the Sexes: What is it with women and cars? I just got done writing a check for $850 to a mechanic, because my wife didn't get around to putting oil in the engine! She says she was too busy and didn't think of it - even though the reminder came on her dash every time she turned her car on. Now, I can see that for- getting to cut the lawn or putting the seat down can be a pain the neck, but it never cost me any money! I never hear the end of it when I "don't get around" to doing these things, but she said she didn't want to hear it when I complained about her negligence with her vehicle. Unfortunately, my daughter is now the same way. I've had to rescue her three times already when she ran out of gas, and she's only been driv- ing a year. How can we get them to realize that car maintenance saves a lot of time, money, and aggra- vation? They just seem completely oblivious. - I Give Up, Loyalsock Send your responses to these letters, or mail in your own gripes to: “Good News” P.O. Box 999, McElhattan, PA 17748 or email: goodnews@kcnet.org The opinions expressed in this column are those of the letter writers, and are not necessarily shared by the “Good News” Staff. H ometown -distributors, inc.- 570-923-BEER (2337) Welcome Fishermen! L owest P rices in C linton C ounty 408 ERIE AVENUE, RENOVO 62 “Good News” -- May -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com