"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 58

565 McElhattan Drive, McElhattan Gayle's C ookless C uisine GAYLE MILLER - R aw and L iving F ood C oach 20 S hady L ane , J ersey S hore (570) 398-0328 or (570) 419-4372 email: gayledmiller @ gmail.com CAULIFLOWER TABBOULEH SALAD (Tab-bool-le) This is a traditional Lebanese dish made with Bulger X] \\˜XYHH[\[Y\X[]X \X\H\\šY[XYH][Y\XK[XYوX] HPPSVHSHPUQSтSӑUSӔтHSSKX]Y[[Y\‘[\[X]X\KXX]X\K[\\Z]\Z[[Z[[\[\K[\\\X]X[YX]X\KS\\\\K[[ܙHB[^HY[BHۜ[][ۈœYH\ٙXB[[[HBM M MML”PTQSTKBX]XHYX[H[[\B͈PTTQU USSԑQQS΂H\HXYو][Y\ [H[\H\[و] B [[ۈZXK\H]YY^YK\]H[\p[\و\^K\Y[YH[وܙY[ۚ[ۜY [H[\HYۚ[ۜB\XHX]\YKLݙ\و\XZ[Y[[\\\B[ۘ[ BH\\[X[ŒH\YX[X\‘TPSӔ΂K][Y\[Y\܋[[BHXK[ZHۜ\[K[H\H X[HH][Y\[[[ۈZXK[\[ ˈY]H[ \^KܙY[ۚ[ۜX]\[ [\\[\[ \HYHY[HYYY[ܙH[[\\Kݙ\[YY\]H܈]X\ \\[ۘBXX\NY]\K[H[Y[ܙH]H[[[[ۈZXKM8']'H KHX^H KH˘X\[Y]˘