"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 50

Neighborhood News May 13 May 13 Booneville Good Old Days, held at ga the n, from nto Lo Campground, in sheep to il, bo ple ma r 9am-3pm. Suga ue tiq tractor show, butter churning, an and flea cra and classic car show, ft y, cannon pla dis market, Civil War info, call shooting, and more. For ist ory.org. 570-725-3498 / www.svh rces Day Run, to be held The 4th Annual Armed Fo rk, 149 Main Park Road, at the Bald Eagle State Pa 0am, pre-race ceremony Howard. Registration 8:3 10am. A 3.6-mile trail 9:45am, and race starts at nor of Armed Forces run or 1.5-mile walk. In ho uraged to wear patriotic Day, participants are enco Clinton County Veter- clothing. Proceeds benefit e, and Toys for Tots. ans, Team Red White & Blu clintoncountypa.com. 570-893-4339 / bbechdel@ May 15 eak Dinner, Lock Haven Elks St at ›H N MKBX\XZ[B][[XY[HXKBY] ][]ZB\\XZ[Y [ٙYK \Y]XK\˜][ۜ\XKB\ MK\\ܙH[]YH KK܈B[ M M M ML \H\HYH[\\[™][[ۈ\[۝X^H NBY\\\\X[ [][ []Hۜو][K]Y] Hܝ[\ۂY] ][H LLKYH]H[Y\ˈ\]\\X[[YH]ۈZ\ݙ\Y][ˈ[H[XY\ܚ[Y\\[܈ KLXX []H[YHۂHYܙY[\][\[܈[ۜق][HY[X\[Z\Y\ ]HY[X\š[]H[HJK܈[ܙH[[ M M NLLX^H NKL[KH H”[^H܈YHو[ۂ\ ]\YBK[]H]\Y]\X[[\[B\XK][BX[\[\]K]BXY]x&\Yۘ]\B[\[B[Y[X\ZH\H[\Z[Y[ [ Xݙ\H Z\B[Y[H\]܂Y\›ۂX]]Y\[\[B\]܋YXX\[ۋ\]܈\  M H ͍LM͈ ˜[[Z[\XH\[[ۚY\›ۘ[K˜[^YܛYKܙXBX^H L[H\Yوۛ܋[]B][XZ[ [Y۝H]K[Y\X[] HY[[ܚX[^HYZBK\Y\^Kۛܚ[B\\H K[\[ Yۜܜ۝ۂقۜܙYHH\HH LMKMNLM‹Ž BLB][ M MY[H]H[][[x&YZH]HXX^Y[ZYܚ][XZ[]Έ]ۙ] ܙ˂8']'H KHX^H KH˘X\[Y]˘