"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 46

Media/Music/Events -- DR. DAVE’S Top DVD’s 1) HIDDEN FIGURES The three women primarily responsible for the late John Glenn's first-ever orbit around the Earth are revealed! It was a history-mak- ing moment, and their contribution has been kept from us until now - because of their color. Luckily, the performances of Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, and Janelle Monae redeem them...Rent it! 2) THE FOUNDER Michael Keaton has found his mojo again - after a seven or so year retirement, Keaton has been terrific in every film since his return, and you can't take your eyes off of him in this true-to-life tale of ruthles ^HܛHX[XYHXۘ[H\\\[\HHܛ\]\Y[[]BHHUܚ]X\H][X]H\ܛX[Hق[Y\X]K^\H\Y] œ\ۘ[]Y\ H]H[H\[BۈH\Y\وܚ]\Y\X܈KYX[X[[\ܘ]\Y Y\X\]H^[H[ NNNKH\XYHH[›و[\[\\H]\ H]Y]B HSSSBH[H[HX] HYYX[HY]\[HX[]H[BH[\\XYH]\H[›XZH[H]Y H܈H]YY] ܚ][H[\[[[H\H []BJHSTHX[HY]\\H H] HZ\[ݚYKHX[XYYKH[\[H^\\BH[ۛH Z[]\ۙˈ\ H[Hۉ]HY[] H[\\œX[Z[ۈ]^ ]]BY\  BQSSKS˂\[\XBM LN LN MSRSKSӑQSH NM\Y[X[ [Y\X[ [\X[( Sٙ\XH8(\\XB([Y\X[[\\\XB([Y\X[XX[\XB Z[YY] Z[[ ˈ LM8(\^HܙKH M TPSBSSQB]X[[HۙH[\وYBوH\[H\X‘VTUSHӋUTHQTVBӈ HHB 8']'H KHX^H KH˘X\[Y]˘