"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 36

BY PASTOR DAVE MCELWEE McElhattan United Methodist Church 514 McElhattan Drive, McElhattan • 570-769-6066 Sunday Service at 10am, Sunday School at 11:15am One under-appreciated part of the Bible is the Book of Proverbs, which is full of life lessons passed down over the ages. Early in the book are the vers- es, “Hear, my child, your father’s instruction, and do not reject your mother’s teaching; for they are a fair garland for your head and pendants for your neck (Proverbs 1:8-9)." As we enter May and look to Mother’s Day, and with Father’s Day in June, it is a good time to remember what the people in those roles taught us over the years, and what we intend to pass on. Many times, we can be focused on measures of success, as seen by others, whether it be wealth, a big house, new cars, and “toys.” While these are ways we can measure our wealth, I must ask, are they really the most valuable things we possess? One thing we tend to undervalue are the lessons learned from those who raised us. Often, what is passed down is time-tested knowledge, such as how to fix things that break down, to growing and preserving our own food, to how to do little things to make our lives easier, all of which can be more valuable than other forms of wealth. So take some time to remember what your mother taught, and truly value it as a great form of wealth. Mackeyville Greenhouse and Produce Lots of Great Gifts for Mother's Day - Hanging Baskets, Iron Works, Flower Pots, and More! 65 Mill Street, Mackeyville - 1 mile west of Clinton County Fairgrounds (watch for signs) 570-726-7848 • Find us on Facebook! Hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 8am - 4pm. ☑ New Item - Premium Triple Ground Bark Mulch ☑ HyR BRIX Fertilizer: Vegetable, Organic Vegetable, Fruit, Berries ☑ Mushroom Mulch by the Load (Delivery Available) ☑ Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blueberry Plants ☑ Herb and Vegetable Plants ☑ Rosebushes, Azaleas, Ferns, and more NOW OPEN YEAR ROUND! Now accepting Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 34 “Good News” -- May -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com