"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 35

Is Your Teacher The Best In Bear Country? Let your teacher know just how special he or she is - by telling us! To be eligible, you must send us a letter explaining why your teacher should win and attach it to this entry form. One lucky teacher will win a $25 Gift Card from The Bus Stops Here in Lock Haven, and a frozen cake from Avis Dairy Queen! The best response will be printed in the June issue of “Good News.” THE COOL PART IS ... YOU WIN, TOO! You receive a coupon for a free pizza from Pizza City in Lock Haven, and a box of Dilly Bars from the Avis Dairy Queen! OOD NEWS” Send entries to: “G at tan, PA 17748 lh P.O. Box 999 • McE 3/17 to be eligible to win. Entries must be received by 5/ 2FW"067&6V7FvR'WutfWFФ֖ƗF'FV2@'&r&66WfV'2Ф6VFrR2vW&W6RBdd2ंVWG2VF2"FvW2Rf&2BvvW'22v&G26vbw2rV2WF2f"VFRB&Rf&FФ6"FWBGW7F6FW'2BSs#c2r"Vâ6FW'767&6V7Fv6&V"6VG'w03DT4U 4DU5@VG'f&ХW"RW"RV&W#FV6W.( 2Sw&FR66â𤄔tU5@44$4U0B"Up45$6FǗF26fW'FW'2V֖V&0VB&GFW&W267B&F'2G'V0VV7G&267&FW6F2FvW'0FW&6WFW"'G0'FRVC6W'fW'2F26FVƗFR&W0U5DDP$U%E4TUwwr&V&6VG'vFWw26( vBWw>( 30