"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 28

Another space saving idea - store those stockpiled paper towels vertically to free up some of that closet floor. Smart Tip n s ely Insa Clever Ideas! If you're looking for more closet space - double up your hangers by hooking them together with a can tab. Organize your cupcake lin- ers in a simple mason jar. Keep unused purses organized and off the floor by hanging them on shower hooks attached to your closet bar. Keep your hair ties gathered up and organized by placing them on a carabiner. PDC Spas NO W AVAIL AB LE! -- JUMP INTO POOL FUN -- Green Egg and All Accessories NOW AVAIL ABLE! 151 Hogan Boulevard, Mill Hall • 570-748-3660 TWO S: ON TI LOCA 1131 West Fourth Street, Lewistown • 717-248-4449 26 “Good News” -- May -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com