"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 17

2017 Congratulations to the Best Mom CONTEST in Bear Country! KATHLEEN BATKO OF JERSEY SHORE - nominated by her daughters, Tamara Batko and Tara Rose Toth, who wrote the following letters: Tamara: "Reasons why my mom is special to me - she always puts everyone first before herself. She is my best friend, and I can tell her anything, and she's always there for me. She's the best mom in the world. She worked two jobs for her children to always make sure we had what we needed. She deserves to have a day for herself. She's a hard worker, and does everything for everyone else. I almost lost my mom from three aneurysms, and it would mean so much to me to win this for her, because she really is special to me. She deserves a day to relax and enjoy herself, and this would be a great birthday gift, too!" Tara: "Out of every mom in the world, it's hard for me to believe that any one person could attempt to be half the human my mother is. She is simply phenomenal in all aspects. She works undeniably long hours to help me keep a life I love. A beyond inspirational woman, one that I know will always be there for me - whether it's physically hugging me to offer comfort in my emotional turmoil, or solely watching over me. If anyone deserves a gift for being a mom, it's this woman. I don't think my mom has treated herself in years, yes, plural! She is undoubtably the most selfless person I've ever known. Her habitual tendency to give to those she loves has put her in the position of not giving to herself, and she is some- one who is more deserving of life's luxuries than most. I love my mom, and I wish that I possessed the finances necessary to gift wrap the globe for her! She provides me with my life in a rural town while she consistently struggles to get by. My mom deserves this because she's not someone who will receive gifts or simply treat themselves regularly, she is someone who will be genuinely appreciative of her award, especially since it's due to her daughter's love. Something like this could make my mom's year. She is the strongest, kindest, and most humble person, a person the vast majori ty of people aspire to be. My mother cares for all things - nature, animals, people, and is beyond sincere while doing it. Having the opportunity to grant my mom this generous gift is more than a present, it's a symbol of the appreciation I hold for her, because I don't think I could ever truly express her value to her, or appreciate her enough. She works long nights and has begun to grow older, making it more difficult for her. I would like to see my mom smiling again, enjoying what life has to offer." Kathleen won a 30 minute session in the new Salt Haven at Fresh Start Chiropractic in McElhattan, a gel manicure by The Oasis Salon & Spa in Mill Hall, and a bouquet of flowers from Flowers By Monica in Mill Hall. Thanks to everyone who wrote in: Page Willits, who wrote about her mom, Tracy Willits, of Lock Haven...Aylin Yakut, who wrote about her mom, Larisa Yakut, of Woolrich...Brittany Kunes, who wrote about her mom, Nicole Kunes, of Beech Creek... Tammy Andrus, who wrote about her mom, Donna Riggle, of Jersey Shore...Travis Packer, who wrote about his mom, Connie Packer, of Howard...Kathy Smith, who wrote about her mom, Kathryn Smart, of Beech Creek...Heather Burfield, who wrote about her mom-in-law, Phyllis Moore, of Orviston...Makenna Gray, who wrote about her mom, Susan Gray, of Flemington. flowers by monica 101 Main Street, Mill Hall (570) 726-7708 Open Monday-Saturday 9-5, Saturday 9-12. Taking Orders Now for Corsage and Boutonnieres for the upcoming Formal Dances! Plus - Dance Recital Flowers, too! GREAT MOTHER'S DAY IDEAS... Fresh Cut Floral Arrangements, Hanging Baskets, and Other Gift Ideas! www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- May -- 15