"Good News" Magazine May GN issue to publish - Page 15

WOW! "Good News" Magazine began as a promotional piece 20 years ago to hype a contest Bear Country Radio was running, called "Get Your Hands on the Great American Dream!" WQBR (The Bear) teamed up with Avis America to give away a house to the person who could keep his or her hand on the house the longest! OUR FIRST ISSUE WAS MAY 1997! Our 24 page publicity booklet was filled with info about the contest and ads from its sponsors. We did a follow-up magazine after the contest to let everyone know who won, and publish photos of the exciting event. (The lucky winner was Rick Brickley, who held his hand on the house for nearly 91 hours!) Leafing through our first issue, it was interesting to note the businesses in it that advertise with us to this day - Condo's Inc., Factory Carpet Outlet, Dan's Gulf, Brown's Signs, Smith Furniture, and Denney Electric! (Thank you!) The magazine proved to be popular, so we decided to keep printing! AND WE'RE PLEASED WITH HOW "GOOD NEWS" HAS GROWN THROUGH THE YEARS - December 1997: We increased to 32 pages ... August 2002: We increased to 40 pages ... May 2005: We increased to 48 pages ... May 2007: We increased to 56 pages ... January 2009: We changed the magazine from pint-sized to the larger size it is today ... July 2009: We increased to 64 pages ... April 2011: We increased to 72 pages ... October 2014: We increased to 88 pages ... August 2015: We "adopted" a local pet magazine, went to a glossy cover, and turned "Good News" into a 'Flip Tab' - combining two magazines into one - with "Good News" on one side and "Pawsitively Pets" on the other! And yes, one side is supposed to be upside down! January 2009 August 2015 So, to wrap up our little trip down memory lane, we would like to sincerely thank our advertisers and readers through all these years. We love bringing "Good News" and Pawsitively Pets to the Susquehanna Valley and beyond. Thanks for making it possible! www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- May -- 13