"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 19

Contact us: Bear Country Radio / ”Good News” Magazine / Pawsitively Pets 330 McElhattan Drive, McElhattan, PA 17748 570-769-2327 goodnews.pawspets@gmail.com “Good News” Magazine and Pawsitively Pets is published monthly, and distributed at over 250 locations throughout Clinton, Centre, and Lycoming Counties. It is also available in a digital format on our station websites: bear999.com, and bearcountrygoodnews.com, and on our facebook pages: Bear Country 99.9 FM - WQBR, and Pawsitively Pets Magazine. For advertising rates, please email or give us a call. We also welcome your feedback! "If having 6VV2&Vr&RFfVVfRBGBw&FGVFRFV2&R&WGFW"fbFBbV2.( RW2W'&@7V'67&F0bF2b77VW2CPV""77VW2C3w6FfVǒUE0fWBF2f&BvFVBF&4VƆGFssCV6RR6V62&RF&V"6VG'&FRbvR&V6VCV6R&B␥FG&W72bvR&V6VCf"FRfRb26G7FFR6FSWBW2fWF6W"WB6VbvR&V6VCF2f"&VFpw6FfVǒWG2V6RfƗfW"FVW"FW V&Ɩ6F( vBWw>( vRw6FfVǒWG2VwW7@