"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 16

Ask the Groomer... Cindy Harkey is the owner of Cindy’s Smiling Sammy Boarding & Grooming in Avis for 25 years now. She is this area’s top breeder of Samoyeds. Cindy is a Master Groomer, and show handles multiple breeds. Question: My dog gets very anxious when I bring him to the groomer. Sometimes he even throws up in the car. Any suggestions as to how I can get him to calm down? Answer: For the car: To keep him from throwing up, try feeding him some Ginger Snaps. Be sure to get ones that are a good brand name. The ginger will help calm the stomach. You can also use Benadryl. Ask your vet for a safe dosage based on the weight of your pet. If you have just gotten a new puppy, a travel crate can be used in transporting him or her. Taking your dog on short car rides every day will help him get more at ease with the movement. Increase the trip a little each day. For grooming: If you have gotten a new puppy, starting it as young as 10 weeks is great. You should take her to have her nails trimmed at the groomer so she can WIN A GUARDIAN INSECT SHIELD AND TROPICLEAN be handled and placed on a grooming table. Find a groomer FLEA & TICK SHAMPOO FOR YOUR DOG! that specializes in caring for puppies. Because your puppy's first experience at the groomer is very important, you need to Just fill in the entry form be consistent. If your prefer to groom your own dog, start by below and mail to: touching their feet, ears, muzzle, eyes, and private areas. This Paws Pets helps in letting the dog know you won't hurt him. It will also P.O. Box 999 help the groomer, if you decide to have your grooming done McElhattan, PA 17748 professionally. As in training your dog with commands to sit, Entry Deadline: 8/21/17. stand, stay, come when you call them, or walking well on a lead, you can use treats to reward their good behavior. If they are being brushed and don't jump around and resist, then you Name: _______________________________________ can treat them. DO NOT EVER REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR. Your Address: ______________________________________ training or grooming sessions should be short in the beginning, City/State/Zip: _________________________________ and increase in length with each session. Remember to only Phone: ________________________________________ reward the good behavior. This reward system will help to re- inforce the pleasantness of your training session, and will also Email: ________________________________________ help you and your dog to bond. Enjoy the time with your pet! Pawsitively Delicious! Peanut Butter & Yogurt Cubes Healthy ingredients your dog loves - even your kids can snack on these! Ingredients: • 32 oz. of plain ½ÈÙ…¹¥±±„å½ÕÉÐ+Šˆ±…ɝ”‰…¹…¹„+Šˆ€ÌQ‰ÍÀ¸Á•…¹ÕЁ‰ÕÑѕÈ(©=¹±äÕ͔‰É…¹‘́ѡ…Ё‘½¸Ð½¹Ñ…¥¸)á履ѽ°°Ý¡¥ …¸‰”±•Ñ¡…°™½È‘½Ì„+Šˆ€ÄQ‰ÍÀ¸¡½¹•ä(ÄÐ)A…Ýͥѥٕ±äA•Ñ̀´´՝ÕÍÐ)%¹ÍÑÉՍѥ½¹Ìè(Ĥ5¥àå½ÕÉа‰…¹…¹„°Á•„´)¹ÕЁ‰ÕÑѕȰ…¹¡½¹•ä¥¸„)‰±•¹‘•È¸(ȤA½Õȁѡ”µ¥áÑÕɔ¥¹Ñ¼)¥”Õ‰”ÑɅåÌ°Ñ¡•¸™É••é”)™½È…‰½ÕЀÄÀµ¥¹Õѕ́‰•™½É”)͕ÉÙ¥¹œ¸(̤MѽɔÕ¹•…Ñ•¸Õ‰•Ì€¡¥˜)Ñ¡•É”…É”…¹ä„¤¥¸„½¹Ñ…¥¹•È)¥¸å½Õȁ™É••é•È¸)ɕ¥Á”™É½´èÕх¡Ñ½‘…å͵…µ„¹½´