"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 PP issue to publish online - Page 10

Cute & Crazy Critters L oretta’s S crubs & C uts 225 Park Avenue, Woolrich Roxy is 3 pounds of pure love. A Chihuahua/ Pomeranian mix, she is very smart, super friendly, and loves people and cats. This tiny cutie is her fami- ly's pride and joy! DOG & CAT GROOMING Roxy's proud owners are Serenity (ChiChi ) & Dad of Lock Haven Congratulations to this month’s winner of $15 Worth of Instant PA Lottery Tickets! Send us a cute and/or crazy phot و[\ܚ]\]8( ˈNNH8(X[][H M ܈[XZ[Έ]˜]]XZ[ KXZH[\\[Y[^H H[M LL KY\YX]\˜]Z[XHBۙ\ܙ]H\‘[XZ[ܙ]X[[\XZ[ BH[X B(H] X\[\]\[H[^H[X\Y\]Y[H[\›]\Y\[[K([\\X[HXZH[Z[\[XYH H]\^H[\[YHB[YH\وܙ[\\\8%\ LB(]HX] M \HY\\Y] ˈ[X[]H\[X][HL B(H] Z[\[X[H[ܙH[Z[\H[X[[H˕^H]HY[X[Y[ۜ[Z\Z[]\H\ۜXH܈[[[ۜ˂X\HY\[[KK ۙH\KKP•x&]H[ݙYB HQQU SRSӂM M M ]]][H] KH]Y\UUQS•SQHB[YZ^\[KM\KY\H\H[Y\^\˂HXZ܈[\[\X\Y ˜YY