"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 8

School News JERSEY SHORE AREA IMPORTANT DATES: AUGUST 9th: Middle School Principal's assemblies for parents/guardians in the school auditorium: 6th grade assemblies: 1PM & 6PM / 7/8 grade assemblies: 2PM & 7PM AUGUST 15th: 'Welcome Back to School" No-Cost Pool Party for Avis, Jer- sey Shore, and Salladasburg Elementary Students and Parents. Held at the Jersey Shore Commu- nity Pool from 6-8pm. Must RSVP! (August 16 weather make-up day) Snacks will be provided. AUGUST 22nd: Middle School Grade 7th & 8th Student/Parent Orientation, from 6-8pm. Students and parents follow an abbreviated student schedule, and will meet all regular teachers. AUGUST 23rd: Kindergarten Orientation for Parents and Kindergarteners at each Elementary School, from 5-7pm. AUGUST 24th: High School 9th Grade Student Orientation, from 9:30-11:30 am. No lunch. Bus Schedule TBA. AUGUST 24th: High School 9th Parent/Student Orientation, from 7-8 pm. Students will then have the opportunity to escort their parents to their scheduled classrooms. This is not an open house; teachers not present. AUGUST 24th: Middle School 6th Grade Student and Parent Orientation, from 6-8 pm. Will meet all regular and ex- tended academic teachers. AUGUST 24th: Open Houses at All Elementary Schools, from 5-7 pm, for grades 1-5. AUGUST 30th: First Student Day of School – 2017-2018 School Year and Picture Day at High School. AUGUST 31st: Middle School Picture Day. SEPTEMBER 1st: Student Picture Day at Avis, Jersey Shore Area, and Salladasburg Elementary Schools. JERSEY SHORE MIDDLE SCHOOL OUTDOOR CLUB The Jersey Shore Area Middle School Outdoor Club consists of over 150 students in 6-8th grade who fo- cus on the 3 pillars of the motto: service, education and fun. Jeff Klugh, Michelle Moore, Shawn Weaver, and Shawn Grubb are co-advisors that help oversee and organize ongoing projects. Students are required to attend a service field trip, as well as being required to collect recyclables during the school year. They have completed the following projects this school year: ☑ Groups of students have cleaned birdhouses along the Jersey Shore High School Cross Country Course and planted over 300 bulbs at the Tollhouse Park, along Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore. ☑ They traveled to Ravensburg State Park to clean campgrounds, rake leaves, and scrape moss off picnic ta- bles. They also went to Crystal Lake Ski Centre to clean brush and sticks off the cross country ski trails. ☑ For the latest venture, the group had installed a bluebird trail at Mifflin Township Park that will need yearly maintenance. This is a large group of students with an ongoing commitment to service, leaving behind a legacy of conser- vation that will be continued by future grade levels. BRENT WHEELAND’S MANUFACTURING I & II CLASSES As a whole, the students were given the job to design and fabricate a 29 ton horizontal/vertical log splitter. The design process was broken down into smaller tasks for individuals or small groups. Each task was then researched and designed in CAD/In- ventor and fabricated by the assigned group. Once all the small tasks were completed, the students worked as a team to collectively assemble and fab- ricate the finished product. Overall, it is a great way to break down the engineering design process and Pictured: Instructor: Brent Wheeland Students: Chavin Krape, John Duda, Wyatt Lorson, learn to work as a team. Rick Dailey, Ali Hennigan, Cheyanne Wehler, Ricky Larson, Kaeden Barr, and Zac Kiess. 6 “Good News” -- August -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com