"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 63

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! Some honorable mentions include: “Bowl? I don't need no stinking bowl!” - Deb Glass of Lock Haven “You said supper was at 4pm sharp - let's eat!” - Peggy Long of Howard “Let's just skip the bowl...” - Hailey Brush of Jersey Shore “Just deposit the kibble directly in my face.” - Larry Glass Jr. of Lock Haven “Just put the food in my mouth and nobody gets hurt!” - McKenna Gray of Flemington “When is the gravy train coming?” - Barbara and Wiliam Snyder of Mill Hall “Ring around the collar." - Jerry Lasale of Jersey Shore “Hey! How about some dinner!” CONGRATULATIONS TO - William Snyder of Mill Hall CHRIS RINEHART OF AVIS, “Where's the beef?" - Cindy Fuller of Jersey Shore. winner of our July “Caption Contest,” and a pizza from Pizza City! "Let's bypass the middle man - just shovel the food in my Winning Caption: “no bowl needed, mouth!" - Yvonne Butville of Lock Haven. just pour into mouth!" “ICE CREAM!” C lue S earch P uzzle U se A nswers for word search on page 63. Shaved ice flavored with sweet syrups are often called __ cones Chocolate __ can make vanilla or mint ice cream even better Oreos are the cookie of choice for Cookies and __ ice cream Cookie __ can be an ice cream flavor - why bake it? Mint ice creams are usually this color A __ split is a favorite ice cream dessert __ pecan ice cream is a favorite for nut lovers This is good as a topping, or mixed in, just don't forget the pit! Good for a sweet caffeine fix __ vanilla often looks more yellow because of its creamy custard base Fudge __ has striations of fudge mixed in vanilla ice cream __ is made from sweetened water mixed with fruit, wine, or liqueur Frozen __ is similar to ice cream, but lower in fat __ is different from ice cream because it contains 10% butterfat It's the most popular flavor, even if some call it plain __ and cream includes caramel and caramelized pecans Add this into your ice cream and you can blow bubbles later This flavor comes in chunks, chips, white, dark, or milk This middle eastern nut is a popular ice cream flavor This ice cream will take you on a bumpy path Many fast food restaurants have __ __ ice cream You don't have to go to the __ Factory to enjoy this in ice cream This specialty includes chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla in one carton A favorite summer fruit commonly added to ice cream This spun sugar treat can now be enjoyed as ice cream Rich chocolate ice cream named after a river: __ Mud __ are good in s'mores, or as creamy sauce poured over a sundae A favorite dessert topping - white and creamy www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- August -- 61