"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 58

AUGUST BLOOD DRIVE SCHEDULE C all 1-800-G ive L ife for an appointment . 565 McElhattan Drive, McElhattan August 8 - 1-6pm - Dunnstown Fire Hall, 119 Woodward Avenue, Lock Haven. August 9- 1-6pm - Beech Creek American Legion, Wynne Avenue, Beech Creek. August 10 - 1-6pm - Williamsport Regional Medical Center, 700 High Street, Williamsport. August 11 - 1-6pm - William Hepburn Apartments, 400 Lycoming Street, Williamsport. August 14 - 1-6pm - Flemington First Church of Christ, 714 Canal Street, Mill Hall. August 14 - 1-6pm - Trinity United Methodist Church, works Curves 1407 Allegheny Street, Jersey Shore. August 15 - 1-6pm - Woodward Fire to Company, build strength, 4147 North Route 220, Linden. August 17- 1-6pm - Old Lycoming Township Volunteer pain, manage Fire Company, 1600 Dewey Avenue, Williamsport. and Church, control weight, † August 18 - 1-6pm - St. Luke Lutheran 1400 Market Street, Williamsport. all Regional while improving August 19 - 10am-3pm - River Valley YMCA 641 Walnut Street, Williamsport. your health. All Summer Long Curves works to build strength, manage pain, and control weight, † all while improving Curves works your strength, health. to build Locally Owned and Operated! manage pain, and control weight, † all while improving your health. Join during our annual Join open house during our annual open house * get your first month free * & get your first month & free Join during our annual open house & get your first month free * 570-726-4000 1136 Eagle Valley Road 1136 Eagle Valley Road 3146 EAGLE VALLEY Mill Hall, PA ROAD 17751 1136 Eagle Valley Road Mill Hall, PA 17751 MILL HALL Mill Hall, PA 17751 570-726-4000 570-726-4000 570-726-4000 REAL BERS MEM TS ESUL R L REA m/ † http://health.gov/paguidelines/guidelines/chapter2.aspx † http://health.gov/paguidelines/guidelines/chapter2.aspx *Enrollment fee required. Enrollment fee and monthly fees vary by location. Offer is valid 9/12/16 - 9/24/16 and r \]Z\\[[\[“[\B܂Z[[][H L[[۝X\[˜[[[۝B۝X Y\\B[Y[YHH\]Z\Y [Y[YH[[Y܈]\\Y[X\ۛK[Y][H\ٙ\H][ۋٙ\\[YKLMBK̍ M[\]Z\\š[[\[›܈\[ [Y]\X\][][ۜۛK\[YK[Y[YHYH\۝[\Y\H][ۋ[۝HY[X\\Y\Z]YYH[ق(]Y\ MY[H[ۈH[YH^H\[\\X[ ݋YZY[[\ZY[[\\\\\]܂HZ[[][BL[[۝X\[˜[[X\[™]\[[۝X [\H܂HZ[[][BL[[۝H MTT’S˂Y[X\][B\STUSӐS ٙ\ۛK܈\[ [Y[Y܈[Y]\\›Y[X\“[Y][H\ٙ\[Y[YH\]Z\Y [Y[YB[[۝BY\\B]\X\][›][ۜ˂˜\[YK][ۜ“ٙ\[ۛK\[YK܈\[ [Y]\X\][˜H][ۋٙ\\[YKLM HK̍ M[\]Z\\š[[™\[Ž ̍Mˈ0L M\\[\][ۘ[ [ˈ M K[\H܈HZ[[][H L[[۝X\[[[°H M۝X TTSTUSӐS S˂[Y܈\]Y]\\Y[X\ۛK[Y][H\ٙ\[HۙY[KH]Y\ KH܈˘X\[Y]˘B\[ [Y]\X\][][ۜۛK\[YK\˘\\\ܚYBX’S”TшHSSQTQBM8']'BM XYH[^HYH MTTSTUSӐS S˂Z[[ H MLBM M̍M