"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 42

Media/Music/Events -- pages 40 to 49 DR. DAVE’S T he Bear Facts on... OLD DOMINION Top DVD’s 1) KONG: SKULL ISLAND A big monkey. Humans fighting over him. Monkey realizes nobody owns him, fights hu- mans. Escapes, but not before leaving clues for the inevitable sequel. Nothing beats the original, but Samuel L. Jackson is worth the price of ad- mission. Rent it! 2) FREE FIRE Emphasis on the fire, as the film manages to end just before you hear the last shot. An ac- tion thriller that never stops, with the carnage you would expect. Actually quite witty, the story holds up through the violence - a much better film than many more heralded projects - Rent it! 3) STAR TREK BEYOND Yet another installment in the seemingly end- less series that has been thrilling some of us since 1969. Two behind the scenes changes make this one of the best of the most recent Enterprise ad- ventures: British comic genius Simon Pegg co- wrote it; and the flick is directed by Justin Lin, who helmed the Fast and Furious films...Buy it! 4) COLOSSAL It's a sci-fi/horror/psychodrama/comedy/ thriller/revenge/romance movie - and if you hang in though the almost two hour run time, you will see the power that films sometimes have - allowing you to release a jumble of emotions as you reach the perfect ending. This month's sleeper - Buy it! 5) THE BOSS BABY Well, it LOOKS great - you can see that drop of drool or puff of baby powder. The story? Eh. This amimated tale of how a family changes when a new baby arrives, as told through the eyes of his 7 year old brother is lots of family fun. Rent it! The five member Nashville-based group is an overnight success - after working at it for 14 years. The core of the band came together in 2003, when singer and songwriter Matthew Ramsey met and started writing songs with guitarist Trevor Rosen. Drummer Whit Sellers, who had played on drumlines with Ramsey at competing high schools, recruit- ed his friends Geoff Sprung (bass), and Brad Tursi (guitar) to form Old Dominion, the nickname of the band's home state of Vir- ginia. Ramsey, Rosen, and Tursi have had great success writing songs for other artists, in- cluding The Band Perry (Chainsaw and Better Dig Two), Chris Young (Neon), and Tyler Farr (A Guy Walks Into a Bar) - now they keep their best material for their own band. And that has paid off, as Old Dominion has racked up four straight hits - "Break Up With Him," "Snapback," "Song For Another Time" (all from their first disc, Meat and Candy), and "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart" from their latest, Happy Endings - set to be released August 25th. Old Dominion spent the early part of this year on tour with Miranda Lambert; they start their first headlining trek this month. 40 “Good News” -- August -- www.bearcountrygoodnews.com