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Kidstuff I T'S B ACK TO S CHOOL T IME! Here are 10 Back to School Apps - most are FREE!! They're great for homework planning, research projects, graphing calculators, and more. 1. My Homework (FREE) – This app helps kids keep track of home- work, when it’s due, if it’s done. It syncs to your computer, so parents can monitor it, too! Great to help keep kids on track. 2. Dictionary.com (FREE) – This is great to have when you don’t have that huge dictionary handy. Also a must have when writing reports and other assignments, and great when reading to look up word meanings. 3. Evernote (FREE) – Evernote is a life saver for many things, but is even better for school. You can take notes, store pictures of important papers, and more. Everything is searchable and syncs to your computer! 4. Graphing Calculator (FREE) – Many upper math classes require a graphic calculator. This app is great if your child forgets their calculator, or you don’t have the money to shell out for one. Can’t beat free! 5. School A to Z (FREE) – This app is like having a personal tutor at your fingertips. Enter your questions and get answers almost instantly. Great to have! 6. Brain Booster App (FREE) – This app is a must have for on the go. Brain boosting games are perfect when you are waiting in line, on long car drives, or need a few minutes of quiet time! 7. Overdrive App (FREE) – This app is great for renting education books needed for research. They make great reference books that are very easy to use! 8. Student Tracker Life 360 Locator (FREE) – Perfect app to help keep track of younger kids walk- ing home, or walking to and from the school bus. Also great on vacation. 9. Course Smart (FREE) – This app hold your text books. Most textbooks are on here and it’s so much easier than carrying around the big heavy things! 10. FlashPro ($4.99) – This app allows you to build flash cards using spread- sheets. You can also find many pre- made sets in the app and share the flash card sets you make with friends and family. Please patronize this fine sponsor of “Kidstuff:” J oseph R. S chuchert, D.M.D. 550 M c E lhattan D rive M c E lhattan • 570-769-5082 Board Certified www.schuchertortho.com 1951 P ine H all R oad , S uite 200 S tate C ollege • 814-826-2055 Source: premeditatedleftovers.com. ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! www.bearcountrygoodnews.com “Good News” -- August -- 37