"Good News" Magazine Aug '17 GN issue to publish online - Page 20

EZ WINE BOTTLE TIKI TORCH MATERIALS NEEDED: • Repurposed Wine Bottle • Wick: You can buy a set of 2 replacement wicks for about $5 or an 8’ rope of replacement wick for about $12. It just depends on how many Tiki torches you want to make and how often you’ll be outside warding off mosquitos. Note…when you buy either, make sure you chose a wick that is ½” in diameter…otherwise it will be too thin and will slip right through the coupling. • Coupling or Connector: Use a ½” x ¾” reducing connector. You may have to try a few different size connectors until you find the exact fit, because different wine bottles have different size mouth openings...you'll have to choose the one that fits the best! • Thread Sealant Tape: You'll find this in the plumbing aisle. This is what you’ll wrap around the end of the coupling that goes into the mouth of the wine bottle - making sure that you get a good seal. • Pea Gravel: So that you don’t have to fill your tiki torch entirely with fuel, put pea gravel at the bottom, or some other similar material. • Citronella Torch Fuel: Finally, you’ll need some fuel. Tiki torch fuel is easy to find! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Prep Your Wine Bottle - you should wash out your wine bottle, and if you want a cleaner look, remove the label, too. To make removing the labels easier, soak the bottles in water and dish soap first, then use Goo Gone - works great! 2. Add The Pea Gravel - if you want to minimize the amount of fuel you’ll use, fill the wine bottle about ⅓ of the way up with pea gravel. Or if you want to be fancy, you could use marbles or crafting pebbles. 3. Wrap The Coupling - insert the connector (or coupling) into the mouth of your wine bottle to see which end has the snug- gest fit. Wrap that end with the thread sealant tape. Keep wrapping until the coupling is really snug when you stick it into the wine bottle. If you don't, smoke could be drawn into your bottle, and you don’t want that. 4. Fill The Wine Bottle With Fuel - remove the wrapped coupling from the wine bottle and fill the bottle with fuel - just up to about where it narrows. 5. Insert The Wick - insert the wick into the wide end of the wrapped coupling. You may have to squeeze the end of the wick together and twist it a bit to get it through the narrow end. Pull about ¼” of the wick out of the coupling. Then, simply insert the wick and coupling into your wine bottle, and let the wick soak up the fuel before lighting. (ظ1Ё%ЁU܁ѡӊéЁ́ѼЁȁݥѱѥѽɍ݅эѡ͔եѽ́ոȁѡ̄)%d)Mɍ聡輽ɕɝɽչ),%9eL =U9QIdLQ=I)ɽ<ѱ(!́͡MԸȴ踁ѱ(5ѕQѼ-эĸ䀼Ё踁ѱ(L\եЁ хԀظ؁(- ٕ̀̀ĀȀ͔̀(ÁɄYɝ=ٔ=܀́ѕȁ(5́5 !镱Ё ȸ䀼ȁ踁(!ٕЁ!䀴̸؁踁(]́MɅ݉ ȁ MɕԀ踁(Aɕմ=ɥMѥ̀Aɥ́MхѥЀ (9ɔYեЁ9Ё ̸̀䀼(55́Q ɥA鄁 Ѐ䀼́)%9QIMQ%8M=5Q!%9]=8P!Y]%10Q-=IIL)5=I%Q5L =5%9M==8)5QL !ML U1,==LI=i8==L) I0 9d -%9AI=U QLAAHAI=U QL) 19%9MUAA1%LQ=%1QI%LAP==LM1Y%Q5L(+q9ϊt՝Ѐܹɍչ坽̹(Ё I=]819)5%10!10(ش)aP)!=UIL)5Q͑ᅴ)ɥᅴ)Mɑᅴ) ͕Mչ̀!̸