Good Art Guide Issue 8 - Page 4

Pauline Thomas


Pauline Thomas is an abstract artist

producing bold stylised paintings

celebrating the Welsh Landscape

and powerful, thought provoking art.

Her work has been exhibited in solo

and group exhibitions in London and

throughout the UK, Europe, Canada,

USA and Australia.. Pauline has a

passion for painting and the part of

the world that she lives in. Her work

can be found in private and public

collections throughout the UK,

Europe, USA and Dubai.

Her inspiration has been derived

from her life in west Wales, her past

work in the agricultural sector

working within the changing

landscape, weather and rhythm of

the rural way of life and by the

folklore and history of her

surrounding communities as well as

the beautiful coastline where she


Pauline is self-taught and unafraid

of experimenting in new ways of

producing artwork, which has

allowed her work to develop outside

the confines of convention and

enabled her to produce works of

true originality.