Good Art Guide Issue 8 - Page 22

Cornerways Art

Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.



Steve Caspary

Life long artist working with oils on canvas, drawing and digital art. Fine Arts degree Columbus College of Art and design.

Artistic Image custom Art Work, Murals.

Located on Cape Cod MA

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Cassie Chambers

Blackwork art, line work, mixed media and watercolour artist. Instagram : @moonflux_studio

Samuel Gillis

Intuitive art, outsider art, contemporary fine art, impressionistic art and more.

David French

Translucent waters, secluded coves...a search for the ultimate beach. I've travelled along the coasts of the Mediteranean and discovered that..the best places can usually be found, closer to home.

Jasmine Surreal

Surreal, inventive, reversal of reality and zany cat art, over 70 exhibitions, acrylic work.

Ken Tomaro

I would like to subscribe to the free listing for artists. My name is Ken Tomaro and I'm a self-taught abstract artist living in Cleveland, Ohio. Much of my work is a form of therapy from living with depression. My website is: