Good Art Guide Issue 8 - Page 2

My work is process based. It is a dance, a conversation and a

discovery through the activity of creating. Just like a

path and brings you to places never thought of, my process

builds and evolves the image as I add mark and color to the

surface. I never know where I’m going to end up. As the

process continues I discover meaning and message in what

I’m creating. The expression tells me what to say, one step

at a time until it feels whole.

(on glass, plexiglass) my mixed media toolbox includes

paint, pencil, pen, oil bar, pastel, conte crayon, acrylic and

ink. Vivid color and bold strokes are my foundations. Line

and shape structure the expression.


wonderful conversation with a friend that winds down a lazy

Working forwards (on paper and board) as well as backwards