Good Art Guide Issue 8 - Page 19

Her artistic ambition and life took an unexpected detour, when on a return trip to New York she was launched into an International modeling career with Wilhelmina Agency. This opportunity gave her access to extensive travel and to discover the world's cultures, sights, museums and artists, which kept her personal interest in art alive. " Art is pure emotion".

In 1980 while in Italy, she met her future husband and moved to Venice for a few years. As an artist, living in Venice was very inspiring and launched a very creative period. Her works were sold at the renowned Danieli Hotel and can be found in European & American collections, Museums, Corporations and Commercial venues.

In 2008 Glina's original oil painting titled: “Flight, Training Wheels and Wings” was installed in the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego permanent collection. This 22ft long oil painting is abstract images depicting the story of flight, to inspire the viewers own imagination to take flight.

Her use of deep hues and thick broad strokes represents life experiences of many cultures, all viewed thru an abstract spectrum. America was outside her front door, but inside was a home of old traditions, styles and languages which continues even today. This tapestry of lifestyles cannot be divided into separate threads, but together form what makes Glina’s art so compelling, with a strength of purpose that floods the senses..

As the world changes, so will Glina's art. Enjoy the Journey!